Monday, 20 July 2009

Androgynous and Frankensteinian Appeal

"'Michael Jackson is a solitary mutant, precursor of a mixing of the races which will be perfect because universal, of the new post-racial race, so to speak. The children today have no hangups about the idea of a mixed-race society; such a society is their world and Michael Jackson prefigures what they think of as an ideal future' (Alain Soral).
It must also be pointed out that Michael Jackson has had his face rebuilt, his hair straightened, his skin lightened - in short, that he has constructed himself in every tiny detail. It is this which makes him a pure, innocent child - the artificial androgyne of the fable, who, better than Christ, can reign over the world and bring reconciliation, because he is better than the child-god: he is a prosthesis-child, an embryo of all the forms of mutation we have imagined to deliver us from race and sex." Jean Baudrillard, Cool Memories

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