Thursday, 26 November 2009

Wicked Witch/Dizzy K/Sensations Fix/Ippu Do

stumbled across both of these via the 'legon flutes' mixes by the brilliantly named DJ BongoMan of the band Buffle who played at colour out of space festial. Wicked Witch is, or was from Washington DC and is ridiculously horrible, but amazing and Dizzy K Falola, was a Nigerian disco star and is now the head pastor of Power Church International on the Old Kent Road. Go check him out, I bet he still kicks it.

Wicked Witch - Fancy Dancer

Wicked Witch - Under Your Spell

Dizzy K Falola - Yes, I Love You

Also brilliant is this incredible Italian prog-rock band Sensations Fix. Just unassailable, hazy, synth-god, mustache-on-a-mountain-top, long, untamed hair in the wind, guitar solo trouser bulge in leather pants, bristling chest hair joy. This track, "Fragments of Light" is from the LP of the same name, available in full from the brilliant Mutant Sounds blog. check out how small i made the youtube player.

keeping somewhat on a theme, look at ippu-do's version of 'time of the season'. underwater guitar solo's and shit. amazing. the video is almost good enough to distract me from how much I hate the zombies. but not quite. more later anyway.


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